Tuesday, October 11, 2011

apartment, night four: the pros and cons

It's my fourth night in my new apartment, so I feel that I know enough about the place that I can start my list of pros and cons.

- I live close enough to a Lewis Drug that a $3.50 bottle of Arbor Mist is only 60 seconds away.
- There is a Goodwill basically across the street from said Lewis Drug. I haven't been there yet, but any Goodwill at all (even a gross one) counts as a pro.
- My wood-paneled air conditioner thermostat goes up to 11.

- Both times I have gone to Lewis to get Arbor Mist (yes, I've been there twice already, but the second time was to share!), the same guy has been working. I'm going to end up as "the cheap wine girl" if I don't watch myself.
- I'm pretty sure there are bats in the walls. Or ghosts. I may have to get back to you.
- Thanks to the thin walls, I can hear what my neighbors are fighting about. This has the potential to be a pro, but they are not fighting in English, so I can't tell if it's anything worth writing home about.

So less than a week in, and the pros and cons are neck and neck. We'll see what happens as my time here goes on.

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