Monday, June 20, 2016

on this day in 2004: excerpts from a journal, June edition

20 June 2004

I had the worst dream last night.

(Editor's note: I am not going to type out said weird dream because no one wants to hear about other people's dreams, let alone read about my dream from twelve years ago. Plus, this journal entry is long enough already. Moving on.)

I worked at 7 am yesterday. So sleepy. I drove Susie, so a bunch of my coworkers (Deb, Amanda, Shari) got to admire her. I worked at the retreat center, so I couldn't remember where anything was - it was embarrassing. I was supposed to get off at 1, but we were backed up on dishes, so I ended up staying until 230. Mom called around 2 and told me that Ethan and Sheri were there. I finished up with the dishes, did my timesheet, grabbed an Herbal Essences highlighting kit (Deb was trying to get rid of them), and left.

When I got home, Ethan and Sheri were indeed there. Mom asked about my highlighting kit ("what color?"), and Ethan said, "Basically the same color she has now. You should do it! Or sell it on eBay." I love Ethan and Sheri. They spent a long time debating whether or not Sheri would pet a rabid cat. When they left, they took time to admire Susie ("everyone should have a stick shift at some point in their lives") and show us their new car: a grey Honda Accord. Spiffy. Before they left, Sheri told me that she has the same shoes as me (the big clunky Adidas shoes that are SO comfortable and I love). I will miss my awesome relatives.

I read in church today and completely guessd on some crazy pronunciation (Gerasenes), and I got it right! Woo hoo! Mom later asked how I knew how to pronounce it, and I told her it was a lucky guess. When I was done reading, Pastor Svaren (Pastor Odland is in Minot, ND) said, "Thank you, Kayla." After the service was done, Keith Wendland came up to me and said, "Thank you very much for reading... Kayla!" I love the Wendlands. Bob leaves for 4H Performing Arts camp today and stays through Saturday. Who am I going to go to the movies with?

For Father's Day, I gave Dad a bag of peanut M&Ms (like he asked) and a card that says, "Happy Father's Day, Foo!" On the inside is a drawing of Mr T saying, "I pity the foo who don't have a happy Father's Day!" There's also a picture of a dead pheasant, a stalk of corn, and a caption reading "maybe next year" (Dad told me that he wanted me to kill pheasants for Father's Day).

During lunch today, Allison called me and asked me if I wanted to hang out. When she got to my house, she said, "I miss my Calla-shaped friend!" We went to the Watertown mall, where I got a Slinky shirt and a Muppet shirt (and longed for the belt with alligators on it). To Target from there, where Allison bought a hot dog. I found a really spiffy belt there that I'm going to buy when it gets all cheap. We tried on some dresses there, which was fun. Allison wanted some flip-flops, so we continued to Walmart. Nothing there; onto ShopKo. So much cool crap there. We found the flip-flops, and they had more cool shoes than any other place we'd been. I tried on some blue and yellow plaid ones, black ones with silk flowers on them, and red ones just like that. I ended up buying the plaid ones and a maroon shirt with a kangaroo on it. Allison bought the black flower ones and some gingham ones. I told her that I'd take us to Twisters in Susie to buy us cones. Back home, we switched cars. I proved that I can indeed drive a stick! At Twisters, we both got small chocolate cones. When Dana saw me, she said, "Hey, do you have my shirt?" I just looked at her and said, "No." She said, "Well, I want you to bring it in this week so we can wear it for this weekend." I informed my parents of this, and Mom thought I should give it to Dad, let him wear it for a day around the farm, go to Twisters, take it off right inside, and hand it over. Dad says that I should call Dana, tell her that I won't make it to Twisters this week, put it in a bag on the front porch, and tell her to come and get it herself. My parents have great ideas!

Today when Dad was trying to watch TV, he told me to stop my jibba jabba, foo. Too funny.

I'm reading an article in Newsweek about the new Batman movie. Direct quote: "The new chapter, which will hit theatres in June 2005, is called Batman Begins - presumably because Batman Sucked the Last Time So We're Starting Over was too clunky." Did I mention how much I love Newsweek?

Speaking of Batman, there were many pairs of Batman sunglasses in Target that I will buy someday. They're little kid sunglasses, but they fit me pretty well. Me and my pinhead.

Current music: "Breakfast at Tiffany's" by Deep Blue Something

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