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on this day in 2005: excerpts from a journal, February edition - volume II

(yes, volume II. we have made it through a whole year of journal excerpts. and... we're going through again! there's just too much delightfully ridiculous stuff left to share.)

21 February 2005

Happy President's Day - I love a day off.

Anyway, we had to usher in church yesterday. It was snowing, and Bob walked in wearing flip-flops; of course, my parents mocked him. 

Bob was so excited about taking my band senior pictures. He came at 345, and he brought two little boxes of popcorn and some sugar cookies ("I ate two on the way here, but these are for your family"). For pictures, I wore my blue button-down pink-striped shirt, and Bob took a couple of pictures upstairs and a couple in the office. One of them was a close-up, and Bob said, "This could be a magazine photo... you look like Madonna!"
(editor's note: Madonna? really?)

Bob decided he wanted some different outfits for me. He looked through my closet and put together my pink hooded shirt with my pink fuzzy hooded sweater, and my green AE shirt with my green Hollister shirt. (editor's note: remember Hollister? ugh.) He found my old prom dresses and thought I should put one on, but I declined. 

Bob came to my house wearing shorts, sandals, a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, and a bandanna. And he wanted to take pictures outside! Our first stop was the tree near the deck. My parents saw us taking pictures, and they opened the door and said, "Most people don't document their stupidity!"

While we were taking pictures, Tiff and Teresa drove up. They just laughed at us and went inside. Bob showed them all of the pictures, and everyone liked the Madonna picture best. 

Then, we decided it was time to watch This Is Spinal Tap. We made two bags of popcorn and started up the movie. Everyone really enjoyed the movie (especially the cucumber part), and Dad baked the pizza for us. 

Before we ate, we looked at the pictures on my parents' wall, and Bob told me that I look exactly like my mother when I wear my glasses.

As we ate our pizza, Meagan came. We sat at the dining room table, and Tiff asked me where my normal seat was. Bob rattled them all off: "Calla is in Brenda's seat, Meagan's in Mitch's seat, I'm in Tim's seat, Teresa's in Calla's seat, and Tiff's in Darrah's seat. And this is my seat," he said, pointing at the foot of the table.

When we were done eating, we settled in the basement to watch Mean Girls. Sarah and Dez came shortly afterward, and everyone enjoyed the movie.

We all went upstairs for ice cream, and Sarah and Dez left. After our ice cream, we decided to play Blurt. I won Blurt, but it was hard work. The game was a lot of fun, though. At one time, the clue was "a hard, round, rubber disc," and someone said "dildo."

Today has been a relaxing, lazy day. I went into town at 630 to stuff envelopes for the NHS. I had my glasses on, and Bob, Tiff, and Meagan told me that I looked like my mom. 

Current music: "Separate Ways" by Journey

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