Wednesday, July 12, 2017

on this day in 2004: excerpts from a journal, July edition - volume II

12 July 2004

Ok, so I guess I won't get to sleep in. Dad woke me up at 9 (editor's note: remember the days when we thought getting up at 9 was early?!) so we could take Susie (editor's note: Susie was the name of my car) to Watertown to get her scratch fixed. We got to have breakfast at McDonald's, which was awesome. They gave us free hashbrowns. Score! 

Deb called and asked me to come in to work at 1 instead of 3. Bummer. (editor's note: this was my summer job working in the kitchen of the church camp at Lake Poinsett.)

I Love the 90s premieres tonight on VH1. I am so excited. I absolutely cannot wait.

At work today, Deb thanked me three times for coming in early. I worked with Millie and Marlene, and Deb made me HEAD FREAKING COOK. My coworkers had never made pizza before, so I was in charge. I was freaking out because I wasn't sure if the pizza would get done in time, when to put the breadsticks in, etc. I ended up spilling silverware bucket water all over my leg. Not cool. At the end of the evening, I couldn't get the golf cart to go anywhere, so I ended up making three (walking) trips to the dumpster. On the first one, the garbage bag ripped, and I got pizza sauce all over my pants. 

I had another hour-long conversations with Bob this evening, and we decided to go to The Notebook and pretend to cry. 

I'm watching I Love the 90s, and it rules so very much. This show is so wonderful, especially because I remember a lot of this stuff. 

Bjorklund out!

Current music: not music, but the VH1 panelists are currently discussing The Silence of the Lambs

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