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on this day in 2005: excerpts from a journal, March edition.

I have to tell you: I'm getting a big kick out of re-reading these old journals. Some are excruciatingly embarrassing, but that's the nature of the beast. I had also forgotten so many of these little details, and it is pretty delightful to spark my memory with something ridiculous that I had totally forgotten about.

A little background: this entry takes place during spring of my senior year, and my family had gone to Disney World with our neighbors. And... ACTION!

27 March 2005

On Friday the 25th, we got up early and caught our plane to Chicago. We had a creepy flight attendant named Armando, who sported slicked-back hair and a single rubber glove. In Chicago, we got on our plane to Orlando. I ended up sitting next to a crazy woman and her son. They were both very irritating, but the lady gave me some gum. On the plane, I listened to Newsboys' Shine: The Hits. Unfortunately, I enjoyed it; I hate it when Bob's right (for the longest time, he's been saying, "I know you'll like Newsboys"). I especially liked "Shine" and "Breakfast."

When we got above Orlando, we couldn't land because of an electrical storm. The pilot told us that we may have to go to Tampa and get fuel, but luckily, we could land. We got our rental cars, checked into our condos, and went to bed.

We got up early on the 26th and went to the Animal Kingdom. We went to a Lion King show (we waited in line for an hour, and I was the poker champion - eight out of twelve games won), and that was really cool.

After the show, it started to rain. Darrah, Mitch, Dad, and I went on a roller coaster, and we got absolutely soaked. It was like the State Fair all over again. (Editor's note: I had gone to the SD state fair with friends over Labor Day 2004, and we got rained on THE ENTIRE TIME.) All of us went on a different ride (for which we stood in line for over an hour), and then we went to the Epcot Center.

The Epcot Center rocked; seriously. We visited all those little countries. Mexico was first, then Norway. We went to the Norwegian bakery and got all sorts of confections. (Editor's note: yes, I really used the word "confections.") We then went into a little shop, where I bought a silver ring. There was a really good-looking guy in a Norwegian outfit, and I told Mom to tell him that she liked his socks. So she did! Except she mentioned that I liked them. I walked by him a couple of minutes later, and he said, "I like your socks, too." So sexy!

At the Chinese place, I bought an orange bird puppet for Meagan's birthday, a blue handbag for me, and a chicken for Mom's birthday. We visited Japan, Morocco, France, England, and Canada. By this time, it was about 830, and Mom and I went back to Norway to see if I could get a picture with the sexy guy and his socks. He wasn't there, but I took a picture with someone else.
We went back through a gift shop, and I found Bob some mouse ears. The cashier said I could get them embroidered for free at MGM studios. Then, Mom and I made it back in time for the fireworks, which were really amazing.

Before we came back to the condo, we went to Walmart for supplies of the food variety. The line to pay was an hour long, but we stood by some really nice (but odd) people from Cincinnati who let us share their cart. We didn't get to bed until nearly 1.

And today: Easter. We drove to Clearwater Beach, which was four hours away. Upon arriving, it was cold and windy, so I didn't swim. We were at the Gulf of Mexico, so I picked up some shells for my friends (I also got them airplane peanut and am working on other fun stuff). We didn't eat lunch until 5, and when we got back, I ate frozen grapes for supper.

Our condo is nice; it's got two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a kitchen. I'm on the hide-a-bed, and it's fine. It is, however, located in Ghetto Florida. Everything is so trashy around here. On Thursday night, we all went to a little shop to get a few foodstuffs, and Taylor and I found personalized condoms... one of them even read "Grandpa"... yikes. One said "Mom," and Taylor said, "Why would you buy condoms for your mom?!"

We're going outlet-malling tomorrow; yay!

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