Thursday, May 12, 2016

on this day in 2005: excerpts from a journal, May edition.

12 May 2005

Tuesday the 10th was my last official day of high school... ever. I ran into Bob on the way in, and he was SOAKED. (It was raining.)

In choir, Mrs Gilbert had the senior girls rehearse their song, and Bob stood behind me for a while. "I'm here to make sure you're singing." he said. "Is she singing?" he asked Rachel and Tiff.

During study time, I checked out of my locker. Mrs Parry wouldn't sign the sheet until I climbed inside for her. 

We ate pizza and watched Full House in government, and Mr Sampson gave a speech about how we'll all go far. I'll miss Sampsonite. Then, we joined the other class for strawberry cheesecake, and Mrs VanBockern handed out photo albums she'd made for all of us. 

We took a bunch of pictures in bio. After all, it was our last advanced biology class... and I will miss it.

We got cake in English, and we made posters in calc. Amber and I also spent some time running through the hallways: we're seniors, so we can.

Mom, Dad, and I went in for awards night, and I sat between Tiff and Bob. I got medals for psych and soc, which Bob wore around his neck. I got best new actress for the school play, and Bob clapped like a seal for me. During the oral interp awards, Mrs Gross called me "Borklund" three times... which caused Bob to yell "go Borky!" for each subsequent award I received. 

My parents and I ate at Schmidty's afterward, and Dad told me I was "a cut above the rest." Dad rocks.

Mr Lund bought us breakfast at the City Cafe on Wednesday the 11th. Meagan and I got there at 745, and our food didn't come until 9 (we were supposed to be back at school by 830). When we finally got back, we had graduation practice, and then decorating. 

I ran to the Dairy Mart with Meagan to pick up some food, and when we got back, we watched the senior slideshow. Then, Meagan, Tiff, and I went to the band room to get our instruments. We talked to Mr Groon for a bit, and he said, "I'll miss you guys!" We talked about how there's going to be a shortage of band geeks next year, and he said, "Ahh, Darrah and Mitch can follow in your footsteps." And when we left, he saluted us.

I went home and opened my mail from Metabank. Looking at my account statement, I noticed that they'd taken out $15 for checks. First of all, they never told me they were going to do that. Second, I only had $10 in my account... before I knew that money had been taken out. Therefore, I was overdrawn. I quick called the bank, and it turns out the checks from Saturday hadn't come yet. So I was in time... I transferred money from Dad's account to mine. My ass was saved.

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