Wednesday, July 20, 2016

on this day in 2004: excerpts from a journal, July edition.

20 July 2004

I am a lucky bastard.

So I was driving home from Brookings today (in Susie - her scratch is fixed and she looks brand new!) after I dropped Darrah and Mitch off (we got Nick's and brought it to Grandma J's house). I was messing with the radio buttons because I wanted to reset them; plus, my CD player had died. Therefore, I wasn't really paying attention as I entered the speed trap that is Oakwood. All of the sudden, I see this white car coming towards me. Only as I looked at my speedometer (60 in a 45 zone) did I realize that I was facing a police car. I watched in the rear view mirror as the police car turned, but didn't come after me. Whoo hoo!

This morning before I left for Brookings, Dad looked at me, then at Darrah, and said, "Is she taller than you yet?" I answered that she has been for a long time. He said, "Don't worry... you probably still outweigh her." I said, "DAD!" and of course, he couldn't stop laughing. He eventually said (between gasps for air), "You know, if you were fat, I wouldn't say things like that." When I saw Mom later this evening, I informed her of Dad's joke, and she said, "Now, Tim, don't make fun of our chunky daughter." If I ever develop an eating disorder, they're why!

Later this evening, I reminded Dad of his "if you were a fat girl, I wouldn't say things like that" statement by saying, "So I should worry if you stop saying those things?" Dad said, "Wow, that pretty much gives me free reign. In that case, you're fat and ugly, too." What a nice family!

I was watching Hook the other day, and Dustin Hoffman plays Captain Hook. Dustin Hoffman rules. Anyway, that would be the coolest role in the entire world. A pirate, and a supervillain pirate at that. 

Speaking of pirates, I'm totally going to order a shirt off the internet that has a picture of the Jolly Roger on it and reads "we prefer buccaneer-Americans." It will be mine. Oh yes... it will be mine.

Current music: I have recently made Crapfest VII, so I am listening to "Sister Christian" by Night Ranger. 

(editor's note: Crapfest was a series of burned CDs I made in high school. each Crapfest volume was full of songs along the same line as "Sister Christian": terrible songs, but totally awesome. and now you know.)

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