Wednesday, July 27, 2016

three years of marriage!

Today, James and I have been married for three years.

Three years? That's it?!

James and I have indeed been married for three years, but we have known each other for eleven (!!!) and have been a couple for nine. That means we've been a part of each other's lives for almost FORTY PERCENT of the time we've been alive.

So yeah, three years of marriage doesn't really cover the scope of our relationship.

But you know what does? A PHOTO ESSAY!

Instead of blathering on and on about how James is the best (which he is), I'm going to give you a picture for every year that James and I have known each other.

I'm doing this for several reasons. First of all, EVERYONE gets married in the summer, so this is one of many anniversary posts you'll be seeing during wedding season - and I might as well make it slightly more interesting for you. Secondly, James and I just saw a movie where, in reference to a couple just falling for each other, a passerby says, "Oh, you're in love. How gross for everyone." James and I laughed and laughed, so I'm going to try to make this as un-gross as possible. 

So here you go - eleven years of James and Calla. (Let's pretend we both look as young as the day we met.)













Now that you've looked through these pictures once and marveled at how cute we are, go through them quickly a second time and watch us age - like a flip book!

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