Monday, September 26, 2016

on this day in 2004: excerpts from a journal, September edition.

26 September 2004

Yesterday, Bob came over for a cheesy Lifetime movie viewing. He got here at noon, and we made popcorn and watched Invisible Child. What a dumb movie - I loved it. I learned two very important things yesterday: Bob can cry on demand, and he will eat Play Doh if you ask him to.

When the movie was done, we decided to play hide-and-seek. It ruled. I am the all-time Ultimate Champion Hider, though. Bob would try to get me to come out by announcing that he was going to rip off Kermit the Frog's legs. At one time, I even came out of my hiding place, yelled, "Bob had better hurry up and find me because I have to go to work pretty soon," and went back to hide; he still didn't find me. It was really easy to find Bob, though; I could say anything, and he'd start laughing. Once, I announced that Mitch was wearing his headgear, and Bob dashed out of my room, walking Walter the duck and wearing my Harry Potter glasses.

Today was Darrah's birthday party, and I entertained Isabelle and Eleanor. Isabelle and I played Mousetrap, Tiddlywinks, Baby Animal Memory, and that game where you pick up the sticks without moving the ones around it. We had fun, but Eleanor kept interrupting our game of Tiddlywinks by trying to eat the pieces.

I was watching Conan the other night, ad he was talking about ER. "I call it Err," he said. I love Conan.

Current music: "Norwegian Wood" by the Beatles

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