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on this day in 2004: excerpts from a journal, November edition.

15 November 2004

So I got up early this morning to go to the Touchdown Jesus church for oral interp regions. Our Readers' Theatre put on a good show, but there were too many others better than us. Oh well.

After Readers' Theatre, Bob and I went to eat (Mrs Wendland drove us). Everyone (but Bob) got Subway, and we took it back to the church. Mrs Holzer yanked Bob off to serious plays (editor's note: this is an oral interp category) before he could eat his food. He returned two hours later to two disgusting cold cheeseburgers. While waiting for Mrs Holzer, we were talked to Kristi Jensen, who I really enjoy. I mentioned that I would cry if Bob's and my duet didn't make it to State (which is in Pierre), and Bob said, "I'll cry for you." After they announced the qualifiers (Bob for serious plays, Kristi for humorous, Jessica for poetry), Mrs Holzer took Jessica, Kristi, and Darryl to eat since they hadn't had lunch. Bob and I just sort of came along, and Bob made me smuggle is one remaining cold cheeseburger into Subway.

Back at church, Bob and I practiced our duet because we had both added lots of stuff. We were sixth, so we had a long time to wait. The ones we heard before ours were decent; nothing spectacular. When it was our turn, I was terrified. My heart was pounding and my hands were shaking. Oral interp isn't supposed to be like this! Anyway, we rocked. Lots and lots of ad-libbing, which is now our new best friend. The three judges all laughed a lot, as did the rest of the room. Finally, they announced the results: Bob and Calla for duet! We got our little medals and shook everyone's hands. Whew! So relieved! Bob and I requested a State Oral Interp pep rally and shirts that say "We're Going to the Dome! (in Pierre)". We're also going to wear our medals around school tomorrow and insist that people refer to us as "your majesties the State Qualifiers."

Back in Arlington, we went straight to play practice. Sarah congratulated us when she heard the news, and Tiff gave me a hug. LouAnn Jensen came in with a sign reading "AHS INTERP ROCKS!" and Rachel said, "I missed you so much!"

We just quickly ran through everything, and it was pretty painless (for Bob and me, that is... we got there at 530 while everyone else had been there since 315). Gayle is making a Wayne's World hat for me, and it will rock. 

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