Monday, December 19, 2016

on this day in 2003: excerpts from a journal, December edition.

19 December 2003

Well, obviously, the drive was today. I had to be there at 6:30, but it got me out of four-and-a-half class periods, so that was fine. It just mainly consisted of hanging out with Mr Kones and handing out stickers. My dear old Dad came and gave blood today, and then he brought us pizza pans for our pizza. (Taylor's boyfriend brought us frozen pizzas for lunch, but we had nothing to cook them on.) They were actually pie pans that I cut apart and flattened, but oh well. Good pizza.

I decided that next year, I am going to be a greeter. I will be wearing my vampire cape and fangs, and when people come in, I will say, "One, two, three, three victims! Ah ah ah ah!" Dad thinks my plan is wonderful.

Barb called today and was talking about this Guard band thing she's taking me to in January. She said that she was telling one of her friends (a teacher at USD) about me, and he asked if I was smart. Barb answered, "Let's put it this way: she wants her parents to buy her Newsweek." The reply: "Excellent!"

Mrs Murphy gave us fudge today, and Mrs Parry let us watch A Charlie Brown Christmas. It was great.

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