Thursday, January 26, 2017

on this day in 2005: excerpts from a journal, January edition.

26 January 2005

On Saturday the 22nd, I got my blood donor card: B+. Awesome. And the Red Cross makes you feel like the best person on the world. Also, Bob called to say that he'd hit a mailbox on he way back from working at the concession stand.

In advanced biology on Monday, Mr Stoller had us each find a partner and look for the tear ducts in each others' eyes. Bob and I couldn't find them (even though Bob kept poking my eyes). Then, Mr Stoller started talking about bumps on bones, and Bob said, "Like that mountain on Calla's nose!" Bob asked me to come a bit earlier before the play (editor's note: this is a one-act musical about high school that Bob, Allison, and I wrote... WE TOTALLY WROTE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL BEFORE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL) because he wanted to cut my bangs.

When I got home, I got a letter of acceptance from Gustavus: go me. My official UMM letter came, too, along with a scholarship. I love UMM.

I arrived at the school just a couple of minutes late. Bob came at 445, saying that he had forgotten all of his costume. After we hauled chairs, we went in the dressing room so Bob could cut my hair. His scissors didn't work very well, and he kept making the worst faces. When we came out of the dressing room, Mrs Parry said, "Did you let him cut your bangs?!"

The play itself went well, and when I got home, my parents told me how much they loved the play ("I could've sat through another performance immediately!" said Dad). And - they gave me a cell phone! I'm so pumped! It's so small and cute and I love it very much!

I found out that Dad is licensed to drive race cars in California. Mom, at one time, said, "I'm so underappreciated," and Dad responded with, "Ahh, who cares." My family is fun.

Today was the one-act play competition in Madison. We watched Howard and Chester and then put on our costumes and makeup. We were back in time to watch Tri-Valley, and their play was hilarious. It was a play within a play within a play, etc. Then it was our turn. The play itself went fine; unfortunately, we couldn't pull the curtain for transitions, so that was rough. Otherwise, we were ok. In the critique room, the first thing the judges asked was, "Where's Calla?" I was the only listed author, so I said that Bob, Allison, and I wrote it together. The judges congratulated us on such a project. They liked Bob's voice, and the last judge asked about "the girl who was excited about the dissections." 

Lunchtime: I went to SubWay, and it was pandemonium. I got my sub, and in all the confusion, I forgot to pay! I just walked to the table and set my food down. The cashier came and said, "Ma'am, you have to pay for that." I'm such an idiot.

Back at the school, we missed the Salem play, but got back in time for Madison's. Madison and Tri-Valley went to state, with Howard as the alternate. We were all pretty disappointed.

Current music: I have my cell phone ring ("Backtalk") stuck in my head

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