Monday, December 22, 2014

for your reading pleasure: a Christmas poem I wrote when I was 19.

It’s cold outside; the air is nippy.
Finals week is here.
When they are done - yippee! -
Christmas comes so near!

My second year in college,
Halfway done, indeed.
We will soon see how much knowledge
I have, and how much I need.

This year, something new:
No more psychology.
English now is what I’ll do,
Books and grammar for me.

Since I’m majoring in English now,
I still enjoy my reading.
I read whenever time will allow…
I have less time than I am needing.

 The three English classes I took
This year kept me very busy.
I bonded with my grammar book
So much it made me dizzy.

Because of all this English time,
I decided that, this year
I’d pen out a little rhyme
For your Christmastime cheer!

The words are simple, sure,
But, really, I’ve hardly begun.
My skills will gradually mature,
For college is not halfway done!

Until then, with this December
Comes a poem; I hope not a bore.
I beg you to please remember
That I am but a mere sophomore!

I hope this poem provided laughter,
And I hope your holidays consist of
Wonderful days ending happily ever after.
So Merry Christmas to you, with love!

(editor's note: you're welcome.)

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